Equipment Rentals

With or without an operator our loaders are always ready to go to work
Our screening operation is also for hire, with or without an operator.

Equipment moving (light to medium size machinery)
With our tri axle flat deck we can move a variety of dozers, small excavators and loaders.


With our fleet of trucks we are able to move almost any earth product there is. With a fleet of 15 tandems, tri-pups and quad wagons we can move a lot of material, by the meter, by the tonne or by the hour.

Screen Loam (Top Soil)

We have a portable high volume dirt screening operation with 2 loaders and 80 foot conveyor for stacking large stock piles.  Our screening operation is completely mobile and ready to move within a few hours to any location within the region. 

Gravel & Rock

With access to a variety of gravel pits and earth product companies we can supply year round access to all your aggregate needs.

Mulch and landscaping products and services
We have an extensive list of suppliers and contractors to provide your landscaping materials needs.

Loam (topsoil) supply and delivery
We screen our own top soil and have our own stock piles in a few different areas of the city which allows us access to materials year round.  We can load and deliver a little or a lot of dirt at your request.